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Welcome to Korean Trails

A guide to hiking Korea's famous mountains, and a window to the stories they tell

This site is a platform for my hiking and research of South Korea's 100대 명산 (100 Great Famous Mountains), a list formed by the Korean Forest Service to celebrate The International Year of Mountains, in 2002.

I am using this list as a base around which to build a general hiking guide for all of South Korea, encompassing the great mountains of all nine provinces, from the grandest National Parks to more remote peaks of the back-country.

Basic information, photos and tales from the hills will be posted here as my journey progresses.

Hopefully this page is of use for anybody who wants to venture into Korea's great mountain system.

All information on this site has been sourced through my own hikes, as are the photos unless otherwise stated. Historical information, folktales, and legends have been translated from information found at the mountain.

Happy Trails

I'll post links to new trails and updates on the facebook page. Anybody's welcome to join if interested.